About Us

DEKART® is one of the most valuable paint manufacturing company in Russia. DEKART® produce and supply paints all around the Russian Federation and CIS. DEKART® is an owner of the successful and competitive trademarks HUSKY, JOBI, Olimp and Expert.

History and the Main Work Concept of the Company

DEKART® has been founded in 1992. The company’s main priority is a quality of the products. Up-to-date equipment of the facilities, skilled specialists and effective quality control allows manufacturing products according with the best European standards.

Trade and industrial complex at the Leningradskoy highway

High quality of the DEKART® paints is well known in the Russian market. DEKART® products are supplied to the largest hypermarkets, such as OBI®, Castorama® and others.

Trade and Exhibition Hall

An effective use of resources, smart logistics and up-to-date planning system leads to cost reduction in manufacturing. DEKART® own car park of heavy-, medium- and light-duty trucks. It provides a comfortable solution for delivery goods for the customers and on-line sales.

Water-Based Products Manufacturing

The facility of water-based products based at OLIVER & BATTLE® mixing, filling and tinting equipment. All products are corresponding to the European ecological standards.  The product line is answering to the Russian market requirements for both professional and DIY finishing products. We manufacture water-based paints, varnishes, enamels, plasters, acrylic and latex based primers, special products for wood treatment, metal and stone surfaces.

Industrial complex. Shop plant water-dispersion paints

Alkyd Products Manufacture

The facility of alkyd-based products based at OLIVER & BATTLE® mixing, filling and tinting equipment. High level of automation provides an efficiency, precision, and flexibility of the manufacturing process. One shift can produce up to 10 different kinds of products. Integrated tinting solution allows to tint from one up to ten thousand kilograms of colored paint according to the RAL, Monicolor, Colortrend, NCS, «Moscow Palette», Trox, Colтec Wood system. The products line includes: alkyd and polyurethane paints, enamels, varnishes for metal, concrete and wood treatment.

Industrial complex. Shop factory alkyd paints

Product Quality Control

Well equipped scientific and research laboratory allows both to control the product and raw materials quality at every production step and to develop a new technologies promptly improving the consuming properties of the products.

Automating the process raises the quality of production to a new level

Professional specialists of the company guarantee that the whole range of DEKART® products are only of high quality and correspond with the consumer demands and expectations. All the products are environmentally friendly, certified and provided with customer manuals.

High-performance mixer for mixing the components of water dispersion of production

DEKART® Trademark Brands

At the moment DEKART® produces a full range of paint and varnish products with own trademarks

  • HUSKY® Super Paint Interior is 100% acrylic snow-white paint for interiors. It is ideal for sitting rooms, nurseries, halls, kitchens, bathrooms and others intensively used places. A special attention was paid to the properties of the paint that allow getting high quality and exclusively smooth coating. Only best thoroughly selected environment friendly components are used in production of this paint. The walls and ceilings stay smooth matt and bright not less than 12 years.
  • JOBI® products are developed in full compliance with German standards. JOBI® paints, enamels, varnishes, plasters, and foams guarantee super quality and durability.
  • OLIMP® trademark provides its success with use of the best achievements of the paint and varnish industry and consideration of the requirements of the Russian consumers. OLIMP® products are manufactured in accordance with the standards and experience of the Russian construction companies.
  • EXPERT® Products have been known in Russia for a long time. These paint and varnish products are improved with up-to-date technologies and raw materials. EXPERT® Products are developed for quality and economy repair and construction works.
  • Our company and CPS Color® Group have jointly developed DEKART® Color computer tinting system especially for our paints, enamels, varnishes, and plasters. The system provides excellent color shade accuracy in accordance with RAL, Monicolor, Color Trend, NCS, TROX, Colтec Wood Catalogues. You can find DEKART® Color Studios in more than 74 cities of Russia.

Computer Equipped Warehouse

We own a computer managed warehouse with 7000 m2 and more than 8000 pallets capacities. WMS system provides effective on-line management of stock, staff and space.


Automated warehouse facility at 8000 pallets

A computer technology provides more than 150 shipments and 6000 goods pick-ups daily. Up to 11 heavy-duty trucks can be loaded simultaneously at the main platform without any delay in shipments of smaller lots of goods.

At the terminal daily loads up to 150 large-and medium-size cars

Delivery System

We own a car park consisting of heavy-, medium-, light-duty trucks and it allows using the capacity of the warehouse the most effectively. Heavy-duty Mercedes trucks, medium-duty Hyundai trucks, and light-duty Mercedes and Skoda vans are the main vehicles providing quick delivery of the products to customers.

The basis of the fleet are heavy trucks MERCEDES AXOR and MERCEDES ACTROS

How we work with customers

DEKART® Company pays great attention to arrangements of effective services for both a wholesale client and a retailer.

  • The service range includes:
  • Order of the products on-line on the web-site of the company
  • Quick order processing
  • Delivery of the orders to the customers
  • Promotion and information support
  • Training workshops
  • Technical support
  • Tinting equipment maintenance
  • Motivation system for distributors
  • Development of effective freight routs and delivery schedules
  • Shipment of products to any destination in Russia or CIS countries.

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